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CSI Fan Fiction
Welcome to CSI Fiction .The goal for our community is to have a place for fans of all three CSI series to post their stories and to receive feedback on them. All pairings, including het, slash and crossovers are welcomed here.

Basic Guidelines:

The least you need to know:

1. Give enough information about your story above the cut.
2. Place your stories behind a Live Journal cut.
3. Use your own words. Don’t plagiarize.
4. Use as many warnings as you deem necessary.
5. Be sure to post what type of reviews you want.
6. Until further notice: multiple postings are fine.
7. Do not flame or troll.

In-depth Guidelines:

1. Live Journal provides the opportunity for the individual writer to choose what information is placed above the Live Journal cut and, we encourage you to use that option creatively. This is the chance for the author to “sell” the story to the reader. The following is a suggested model of subjects; obviously you may not need to use all of them.

Please note: you must give your story a rating. (General, K+, PG, PG-13, Teen, Adult, Mature, NC-17)

Read and Review:

You must be a member to see stories that are rated higher than Teen.

2. Place all stories behind a Live Journal cut. Directions on how to do that can be found here.

3. Plagiarism is literary theft. Do not attempt to claim someone else’s work as your own. You will be caught. You will be banned.

CSIFiction site specific:


Ship related: This is a place where all ships are welcome. Therefore in the event where a story is abusive or hateful in the description of a series regular, you must state that in the warning. Please do not sugarcoat the warning, plainly state, “This is an anti-Horatio story.” Clearly say “GSR fans should avoid this story.”

Example One: A ten chapter SMACked story would qualify as an anti-Peyton story if in a secondary storyline Peyton caused problems for them at work, tried to get between them, and eventually attempted to kill Stella.

Example Two: A ten chapter story has a scene or chapter in which Warrick and Nick discuss what a horrible supervisor Catherine is. This scene only appears in Chapter Five. Place the warning either at the start of the story or at the start of the fifth chapter. If it is not an ongoing storyline, refer to it as an “anti-Catherine moment.”

If the reader has been suitably warned, then there shouldn’t be flaming. If you don’t like the pairing or genre, then read a different story.

Standard Warnings: Some of the more common warnings and their abbreviations are:

Bondage (Bond)
Character Death (CD)
Domination and Submission (D/s)
English as a second language (ESL)
Heterosexual (Het)
Hurt and Comfort (H/C) Also known as ‘owwie’
Lemon - explicit sex
Lime - non-explicit sex
Non-consensual (Non-con)
Porn without plot (PWP)
Original Character (OC)
Out-of-character (OOC)
Spanking (Spank)
Threesome (3sum)
United Kingdom English (UKE) - instead of American Standard English
Unresolved Sexual Tension (UST)

5. Read and Review

Authors are responsible for informing readers if they would like simply a read-and-review comment, constructive criticism and/or spelling, grammar and content (i.e. beta) corrections. Authors are strongly encouraged to have their stories betad before posting. If you do not have a current beta and would like one, contact the maintainers here.

Readers: When in doubt, please ASK before you correct or criticize a story.

Authors: Ask your readers to send a private message if they have corrections or criticisms of your story.

6. Since this is a new site, authors are being invited and encouraged to post their stories. At this time, it is acceptable to post multiple completed stories or multiple chapters for WIP in a 24 hour period.

7. Trolls and flamers will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Harassment will not be tolerated.

The management of this site is not responsible for the content of any story. It is the sole property of the author. No one on this site owns any of the characters; we are just borrowing them.