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Title: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures
Author: Heike aka Zamboni12
Fandom/Pairing: GSR
Rating: adult, Smut, NC-17, explicit language
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me *pouts*
Spoiler: Everything through Season 8
Prompt: "Outdoor Sex" on multi_fiction

A/N: I´m so grateful to have had two absolutely wonderful betas.
Thank you to losingntrnslatn for "kicking my ass" regarding ´tenses´ and those pesky prepositions. You´re great!
Furthermore, I´m deeply indepted to mingsmommy for giving me the chance to make this a readable story. You´re so much more to me than just a beta. I bow low!

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

“Get out.” Grissom growled as he opened the passenger door. He had stopped the SUV in front of a row of elegant boutiques.

Sara frowned, looking at him in puzzlement. “What are we doing here, Gil?”

Did she actually annoy him with her preceding revelation about her underwear?

“Now, Sara.” Not bothering to answer her question, his voice was like steel on gravel. Sara watched Grissom´s jaw twitch, which was something she knew only happened when he was feeling very emotional. She was still wondering why he was so disgruntled and grumpy.

Did she go too far? Did she embarrass him?

She clenched her thighs tightly together concentrating on the unfamiliar feeling between her legs.

Then, looking closely at her lover, she finally discovered the reason for his gruff commands. The evidence of the problem was presenting itself in a very prominent bulge in his pants.
He wasn’t mad at her; he was horny as hell.

Stifling a chuckle, she looked at him and leaned over to whisper into his ear. “How could we take care of your problem?” Her voice was a taunt and a tease, intent on working him into a passionate frenzy by the time they got home. But why had he stopped here? The sooner they got home, the better.

He furrowed his brows, his eyes filled with need and arousal. Without a word, Grissom took her wrist and literally tugged her toward one of the fashionable shops.

“What are you doing?” Sara balked. Suddenly getting an inkling of what he had in mind, she tried to get her hand out of his resolute grip. But Grissom’s hold didn’t loosen, his steps did not falter; instead, he rushed into the closest boutique, a man on a mission.

When they entered the shop, he grabbed the first piece of clothing he could find and looked for a sales assistant.

A blonde woman, actually looking a bit confused by their rush, greeted them.

“Where are the dressing rooms? “ Grissom disrupted her welcome speech.

Oh, goodness! What had she gotten herself into? He really wanted to do this. Could they do this? Having sex in public or at least semi-public where everything and anything could be heard? In their relationship, Grissom wasn’t really the adventurous partner. Although, he was always willing and imaginative when she wanted to add something new to their sex life, but he had never been the initiator. Was he finally turning the tables?

The thoughts made her dizzy, but deep inside her she felt something else---excitement. It was a wonderful mixture of uneasiness and anticipation. The thrill of the unexpected tickled low in her abdomen and made her pulse race.

The saleslady flinched at his abrupt words and indicated a door on the right. “This way, sir.”

“Thank you.” Grissom’s voice was harsh. “We don’t need any further assistance.”

He pulled Sara to the dressing area and shooed her inside the backmost room. Being suddenly surrounded by mirrors on three sides, Sara whispered her opposition, “Grissom we can’t do it here. Not in a dressing room.” Her mouth went dry and she could feel thousands of butterflies fluttering in her stomach at the mere thought of the shoppers and sales people a few steps away while they had sex in the little room.

It worried her.
No. Wrong. It aroused her, and caused a very different type of feeling deep inside her core.

“Yes we can.“ He gazed at her, his eyes both irritated and amused under heavy lids.

“We’ve already had sex in various places. Remember? On the kitchen table, in the garage, even on the porch before we got our blinds.” Grissom leaned in, pushing her back against the mirrored wall, and Sara whimpered as his erection pressed against her belly, hard, hot and throbbing.

“And for your information, Mrs. Grissom,” his voice oozed with lust, “since you told me you don’t have any panties under that sexy skirt, I’m suffering from a hard-on that’s going to explode very soon and I’d prefer to be inside you when that happens.”

Sara groaned at his blunt statement. That was all she got out before his hands clamped around the small of her back, pulling her against him as he bent his head and silenced her with his hot, hungry mouth. With a firm demanding kiss, he took possession of her, plunging his tongue deep into her mouth. Finally letting go of the last of her inhibitions, she sucked on the teasing muscle, creating a heated spike of lust that drove straight to her center, causing her nipples to pucker and her inner muscles to spasm with emptiness and need. When she shifted against him so her breasts rubbed against his chest through the thin cotton of his shirt, he groaned into her mouth and tightened his hold on her.

When they broke the kiss, they were both breathless with need and anticipation, their eyes filled with arousal.

“Take off that sinful skirt of yours, before I do it for you,” he ordered, already loosening the belt of his slacks. Unzipping his fly, he pulled out his shaft, stroking it slowly. Sara’s pulse quickened much more (if this was even possible) when she saw the glistening pearl of pre-cum on its head. He had a beautiful cock – thick, long and right now pulsating with life. The purple color of its bulging head had always fascinated her. She swallowed, realizing that her mouth was no longer dry. Nor were other, more private parts of her body.

Breathing deeply she inhaled the unique, all man musky scent of Grissom mingled with her arousal. The whole dressing room smelt like pure sex; soft music drifted into the room from hidden speakers, and every now and then they could hear the voice of the sales lady talking to other customers.

A shudder of excitement ran down Sara’s spine, and her face reddened with heat as she pulled off her skirt, wiggling it down her hips. Before she could look up Grissom was on her.

His tongue invaded her mouth again, twirling with hers as his hands grasped her ass and lifted her until she was positioned right where he wanted her, her pussy against his rampant erection. He teetered forward until her back pressed against the mirror. The smooth surface felt cold against her back but it gave her only a small relief to her hot, aching sex. When she caught a glimpse of their entwined bodies, their flushed faces and hurried movements in the opposite mirror another wave of excitement ran through her, her pussy throbbing and seeping juices, her nipples almost painfully hard, a knot of sexual need curling in her stomach.

Well, Sara. You caused this adventure. Are you brave enough to accept it?

“Wrap you legs around my waist,” Grissom ground out interrupting her thoughts.

Without any more second thoughts she draped her arms behind his neck, clasped her legs around his waist. She had just one moment to take a deep breath before he thrust inside her, burying himself in her balls deep, filling her completely. Her primal scream was captured by his lips while he waited for her to adjust.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Move. Now. Fast.” Came her breathless answer and Grissom grasped her hips pulling her down on him. Her now sweaty butt made squeaking noises against the mirror as Grissom pounded into her, hard and lusty.

Throwing another glance in the mirror Sara saw the hottest, most erotic scene she has ever seen. Her legs wrapped around Grissom´s firm waist as his powerful thigh muscles flexed, ramming his cock up into her over and over, letting out little grunts in time with his thrusts. Grissom shifted a bit bringing her lower so only her shoulders touched the mirror leaving fogged spots where her sweaty skin has been. She bent away from him, forcing her mons even tighter against his groin, his cock in a direct line with her G-spot.

“Oh, geez, Gil. Fuck me. Fuck me hard,” she grunted and Grissom started a relentless rhythm that had her groaning and bucking against him.

“Everything alright in there?”

“Fine. We’re fine.” Grissom managed to answer through gritted teeth without decreasing the forceful pounding of his cock. He thrust his hips upward, hammering his shaft deep, probing all the muscles inside her as they clutched his cock. Immediately she felt an increase in the pleasure of being fucked by him.

Here. In this dressing room.

He withdrew and drove back into her wet heat until he hit her womb, his balls slapping against her, grinding against her clit with his pelvic bone making her moan. Her tight pussy gripped his cock like a vise, the beginning contractions of her orgasm working through her body.

“Please, Gil, fuck me, as deep, as hard as you want. Please.” She gasped and he slammed into her now with a frenzy that she knew he was unable to control. Rasping his breath in her ear, he sank home again and again.

It was too much for her, she couldn’t stand another moment of the growing tension built inside her. She desperately needed release.

“I’m gonna come.” Sara hissed between clenched teeth as her orgasm erupted within her. She clung to him, murmuring incoherently as pleasure pulsed through her channel clenching tight around his shaft. Her orgasm went on and on, the feelings so strong she was afraid she was going to faint from the force of it. As soon as she started to come, she felt him lose control.

His cock thickened inside her even more, stretching her pussy wide. Her clit throbbed as she could feel him pulse inside her spurting deep into her womb. She grabbed him with her pussy, squeezing him tight. His whole body tensed, then relaxed as the last tremor coursed through her.

The power of his orgasm was so strong he released a fierce growl as the climax rushed through him, this time captured by Sara’s lips.

Closing his eyes, he rested his forehead against Sara’s, willing his breath back to normal.


“I agree with that.”

Her cheeks were flushed and her breath coming in pants. He kept her legs around his waist as long as he could, but when his legs felt like quivering jelly, he let them slide to the floor slowly pulling out of her.

“You okay?” He asked, taking her in his arms.

“I´m very fine.”

She snuggled into him listening to the beating of his heart slowing down from a racing pace to a normal steady rhythm.

They stood quietly in each other’s arms for a few minutes, and then Sara looked at him and smiled. His hair was damp and curled along his neckline.

“Great performance, Gil.” She kissed him softly. “I might have to consider going commando more often.”

“You won’t hear one word of complaint from me.” He smiled.

Grissom loosened their embrace as he zipped his spent cock back inside his slacks; he hadn’t even bothered to lower them more than was necessary.

“But you won’t make me wear this, will you?” Sara pointed to the garment he had taken rushing into the shop. It was a pink flannel nightgown with big blue hearts on it.

Grissom laughed. “No, I’d prefer your current choices in lingerie or nothing more than your wonderful skin.” He wiggled with his brows and held out his hand.

A predatory smile appeared on her face when she let her thoughts wandering to a certain fantasy she had, one that delighted her and she licked her lips. Grissom groaned, his hands tightening on her shoulders.

“Don’t do that, woman, or we’ll never find our way home.”

She looked up at him somewhat shyly from under her lashes. “I wouldn’t mind.”

He laughed and pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her.

“Come on, Mrs. Grissom. Let’s go home. I plan to make love to you slow and easy.”

Sara willingly took his hand.

“I can live with that.”


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thats all I can say :)
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